We install Compass fibreglass pool to our customers in Southern New South Wales and North East Victoria. Specificaly, we service the region 200 km around Albury Wodonga. Compass swimming pools are renowned for their exceptional quality and durability which is ensured by using the patented ceramic core technology. Other popular features include the unique self-cleaning system available with all of the fibreglass pool shapes in our portfolio, the option to select wonderful shining bi-luminite colours, the lifetime structural warranty for the swimming pool shell, the hydrostatic protection in case of severe weather events or the ability to build these fibreglass pools partially or completely above the ground. Learn more about how we build infinity pools and what makes Compass pools so special.

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Fibreglass Pools Spas and Waders Featured

Spas & Waders

A spa or wader will transform any backyard. Change the shape and function of your new fibreglass pool with a spa or wader to complement your pools' shape ...
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Fibreglass Pools Riviera Swimming Pool Featured


Designed to suit traditional and contemporary architecture. Its child-friendly design makes it a great family pool and it is easily integrated into any backyard design ...
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Plunge and Courtyard Fibreglass Swimming Pool Featured

Plunge & Courtyard

Having a small backyard does not mean you have to miss the joys of pool ownership. Our Plunge and Courtyard swimming pools are perfect for transforming a small ...
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Compass Fibreglass Pools Contemporary


There´s a contemporary swimming pool to suit every backyard. This fibreglass pool is deep in the centre, shallow at both ends, with step ledge for kids to rest ...
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Fibreglass Pools Fastlane Swimming Pool Featured


The Fastlane fibreglass lap pool is ideally suited for narrow blocks and serious swimmers. its custom design options make it a great choice for those who have a ...
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Fibreglass Pools Vogue Swimming Pool Shape Featured


With centrally positioned entry steps and bench seat, the Vogue swimming pool combines style and functionality. The unique and elegant pool design offers something special for all ages, ...
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Fibreglass Pools X-Trainer Profile


The Compass X-Trainer pool was designed for fitness and fun. Its shape offers you infinite style options. Equipped with great features enabling you to swim laps and enjoy ...
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Feature-Packed Swimming Pools

Find out Why Compass Fibreglass Pool Look Better and Last Longer

Features of Compass Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass Pools Features - Infloor Cleaning System

In-Floor Cleaning System

The Vantage in-floor cleaning system is a unique water circulation system designed to reduce chemical usage, eliminate cold spots and keep your pool clean of debris ...
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Fibreglass Pools Features - Ceramic Pool Technology

Ceramic Core Technology

Our patented Ceramic Core Technology dramatically improves the pool’s structural integrity and provides superior durability in a wide range of site conditions ...
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Fibreglass Pools Features - Bi-luminite Colours

Bi-luminite 3D Colours

The Compass pools Bi-luminite colouring system uses a dual-layer approach to create an amazing 3D effect when your pool is filled with water ...
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Fibreglass Pools Features - Extended Warranty

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Our pools come with industry leading warranties to protect your investment. Compass produces tougher and more durable pools, which is designed to cope with ground movement ...
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Pool Owner’s Advice

Useful Information for Future and Current Pool Owners

Our Advice to Prospective Pool Owners

Infinity Pool Installation 6

Building Fibreglass Infinity Pools in South NSW and North VIC

The popularity of infinity pools has increased significantly over the past years. People strive for this design as it looks beautiful and creates a synergy between the housing and nature. An infinity pool gives the impression it merges into the ...
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Pool Buyers Advice Time to Build a Pool

How Long Does it Take to Build a Swimming Pool?

One common question we get asked is "how long will it take to build my new pool?" The answer to that question depends on a number of different factors which include the planning process, time of the year, pool type, ...
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Pool Buyers Advice Selecting Fibreglass or Concrete Pool

Which to Select: Concrete or Fibreglass Pool?

If you are investigating the idea of an in-ground swimming pool, you will come to one of the most important and difficult choices: Concrete or Fibreglass pool? Figuring out what type of swimming pool is going to suit your needs ...
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Supreme Pools Pool Buyers Advice How Much Does a Pool Cost Featured

How Much Does a Pool Cost?

It comes as no surprise that one of the first questions people usually ask is "how much will my new in-ground pool cost?" Let's have a look at the price of inground prices in Albury Wodonga and surrounding areas. The ...
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